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None; not one. He positively said that it had been known to no being in the world but their two selves. Churchhill. At that moment Catherine thought she heard her step in the gallery, and listened for its continuance; but all was silent. Scarcely, however, had she convicted her fancy of error, when the noise of something moving close to her door made her start; it seemed as if someone was touching the very doorway-and in another moment a slight motion of the lock proved that some hand must be on it. She trembled a little at the idea of anyone's approaching so cautiously; but resolving not to be again overcome by trivial appearances of alarm, or misled by a raised imagination, she stepped quietly forward, and opened the door. Eleanor, and only Eleanor, stood there. Catherine's spirits, however, were tranquillized but for an instant, for Eleanor's cheeks were pale, and her manner greatly agitated. Though evidently intending to come in, it seemed an effort to enter the room, and a still greater to speak when there. Catherine, supposing some uneasiness on Captain Tilney's account, could only express her concern by silent attention, obliged her to be seated, rubbed her temples with lavender-water, and hung over her with affectionate solicitude. "My dear Catherine, you must not-you must not indeed-" were Eleanor's first connected words. "I am quite well. This kindness distracts me-I cannot bear it-I come to you on such an errand!" Did you go then? I have made no enquiries, because I concluded you must have been obliged to give up the party. "Oh! Frederick! But I cannot believe it of you. -All idle refinement!

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A name that I am so very well acquainted with; knew the gentleman so well by sight; seen him a hundred times; came to consult me once, I remember, about a trespass of one of his neighbours; farmer's man breaking into his orchard; wall torn down; apples stolen; caught in the fact; and afterwards, contrary to my judgement, submitted to an amicable compromise. Very odd indeed!" One morning, soon after their arrival, as she was sitting with her two elder sisters, she said to Elizabeth: But "no, he was a short-necked, apoplectic sort of fellow, and, plied well with good things, would soon pop off." "If you please, my dear. With all my heart. I am quite ready. Very sincerely did Emma wish to do so; but it was not immediately in her power. She was obliged to stop and think. She was not thoroughly comfortable herself. The young man's conduct, and his sister's, seemed the result of real feeling, and she could not but pity them.